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Contact Louis Hernandez, K4IIE at k4iie[at]gmail.net or call 706-840-0160

Selling a mint Icom 7800 transceiver s/n 0201863.  Looks new
and working perfectly.  Includes original box, manual, power cord, no
mic.  Also have a XXL Icom jacket.  Radio was $10,000 new.  Sell for

The ARCCC, Inc. currently has the following items for sale.  If you are interested in one of these items please email dcmte[at]arccc.org

Item # Description Make Model # S/N Asking Price
8 Speaker Kenwood SP-23 N/A $50.00
9 500 Watt Dummy Load w/oil Bird Termaline 8201 17055 $250.00
10 Icom HF/ 6 Meter Amplifier Icom PW1 02363 $3,100.00
29 Wireless Bluetooth Headset/Mic Jabra Jabra interfaced for Icom Radio N/A $80.00
36 Hand Held Scanner Uniden Uniden BCD396XT Trunk Tracker 4 359Z38006745 $225.00
1 3U Rack Mount Power Supply 5-20vdc Regulated 8 Amp Unknown Unknown N/A $20.00
3 Oscillator HP 651B 961-05520 $50.00
5 125 Watt Dipole Barrett 912 N/A $75.00
7 Multiple Tone Remote Controller Safetran MTRC N/A $10.00
10 Monitor Type 70H3 MW Collins Radio Company FMT-FMR 001 (13003) Query in Prog.
12 Mobile Radio Heathkit HW202 N/A $20.00
14 with leads Sencore DVM-32 N/A $20.00

Contact John Flowers, K4ZMR at K4ZMR[at]att.net or via Phone 706-951-9042

Heavy duty PVC jacket 6-conductor stranded copper 16 AWG cable:
– 100 ft. roll – $50
– 80 ft. roll – $40
Will cut the 80 ft. roll to section to suit you – $0.75/ft.  This cable has never been buried or used in any application.

Contact Donald Drawdy, N0FBV at n0fbv[at]knology.net

Need an OPC-581 cable for 706 Mark2 to connect radio to the remote head.


Contact Joel Breakstone, K1CQ at k1cq[at]att.net

I have 7 Rohn 55G sections and a single Rohn 20G section.  The 55G sections have some surface rust and two of the sections have bent rungs at the ends that I’ve pretty well pounded out with a hand sledge.  There’s a base plate that goes with them and a few side clamps.  Not a bad deal at $125 per section.  I’ll be cleaning up the rusted sections in the next few months so the prices may be subject to change.  Will consider swap offers on the 20 section and the 55G sections.

Contact Dennis Terry, W4SG at w4sg[at]outlook.com

Yaesu FT950 transceiver with boxes, manual, power cable, hand mic, USB cable from RT Systems to update firmware and kit to add panadapter – $875, SP767 speaker – $125, Kenwood PS50 linear power supply – $85.  This radio is a 2012 model with the latest DSP version.

Contact Kenneth Parks, AK4EP at kparks[at]atlanticbb.net or at 803-593-5673

Complete ham station , radios , power supply , 75′ tilt
over tower , antennas , etc. $2,800.00 Will NOT peice out. Station can be viewed on Qrz.com

001 Kenneth Parks Ham StationKenwood TS-2000 with MC-60 mic , Ameritron ALS-600 , LDG AT-600Pro Autotuner

002 Kenneth Parks Ham Station75′ Tilt Over Tower, 10 Element Bencher Sky Hawk HF Beam 20, 15, 10 Meters, Jetstream JTB1-2m/70cm Vertical, K4UUG built OCF 135′ Dipole at 60′  75/80m-6m.

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