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Contact JC Crawford W4QK at W4QK[at]comcast.net

I recently downsized my house and property so I have to
downsize my ham radio and related items.  The following items are for sale and prices listed do not include packing or shipping.  I may
consider negotiating on the price of some items.  No trades please.

Icom IC-746 (original model). I purchased this radio new.  It covers
all HF bands 80 – 6 meters and also 2 meters.  It has the CW filter
installed and includes the matching Icom PS-125 Power Supply and
matching Icom SP-21 external speaker.  I will also include the original hand microphone, original manual and box. All items are in excellent condition.
Price $820.00

Kenwood TS-140S HF transceiver. I purchased this radio new.  I have
installed the Kenwood 500 Hz CW filter.  Also included are the matching SP-430 external speaker, PS-430 power supply, and the AT-250 automatic antenna tuner, the hand microphone, original manual and some original boxes.  All equipment is in very good condition.
Price $550.00

Collins 30S-1 HF Amplifier.  Collector quality 1-KW amplifier in
excellent condition covers 80-40-20-15-10 meters.  Uses a 4CX1000A Ceramic Tetrode as the amplifier tube.  This is a floor standing amplifier built like a tank and weighs 160 pounds.
Price $1200.00

Collins 30L-1 HF Amplifier.  Very nice condition desktop amplifier that covers 80-40-20-15-10 meters.  It uses four popular and easily
obtainable 811-A tubes.
Price $785.00

Collins KWM-2 Transceiver.  Very good condition.  Covers HF bands 80-10 meters and can tune WARC bands by changing crystals manually.  Requires a Collins 516F-2 or a Collins PM-2 Power supply which I have listed separately.
Price $895.00

Collins KWM-2A Transceiver. Very good condition.  The major difference between the KWM-2 and the KWM-2A is that the A model has an additional crystal bank that can be used to switch in additional crystals for MARS or WARC frequencies by turning a knob on the front panel.  Requires a Collins 516F-2 or a Collins PM-2 Power supply which I have listed separately.
Price $925.00

Collins 516F-2 Desktop Power Supply.  Provides all voltages needed for Collins KWM series radios.  The case matches the KWM-2 or KWM-2A.  Will only sell if purchased with the KWM-2 or KWM-2A. Price $380.00

Collins PM-2 Power Supply.  This unit mounts directly to the back of a KWM-2 or KWM-2A and provides all voltages required to operate the Transceivers.  This power supply is in very good condition has been recently refurbished with all new diodes and electrolytic capacitors.
Price $295.00

Collins 312-B4 control console. This unit matches the Collins KWM
series radios and includes an internal speaker, an RF directional
watt meter (with 200/2000 watt scales) and a hybrid-type phone patch.
Price $325.00

Tennadyne VHF/UHF Log Periodic Antenna.  Purchased new and used extensively on 6 meters to obtain my VUCC award.  It covers 50 MHz – 1300 MHz. It has 6.3 dBd gain (8.5 dBi) and a front to back ratio of 25 – 45 dB. It has 28 elements with a boom length of 12 feet and only weighs 17 pounds.  Power handling capacity is 1500 watts. Pick up only.
Price $220.00

Hy-Gain Model Discoverer 7-2 antenna.  This is a 40 Meter 2-element beam antenna.  The maximum element length is 44.8 feet and the boom length is 22.6 feet with a 2 inch boom diameter.  The antenna weighs 56.5 pounds and has a wind survival rating of 80 MPH.  The gain is 4.3 dBd (6.5 dBi) and the maximum front to back ratio is 15 dB.  I bought this antenna used and have never assembled it.  It’s on the ground ready for transport.  Pick up only.
Price $195.00

Contact Joel Breakstone K1CQ at k1cq[at]att.net

I have 7 Rohn 55G sections and a single Rohn 20G section.  The 55G sections have some surface rust and two of the sections have bent rungs at the ends that I’ve pretty well pounded out with a hand sledge.  There’s a base plate that goes with them and a few side clamps.  Not a bad deal at $125 per section.  I’ll be cleaning up the rusted sections in the next few months so the prices may be subject to change.  Will consider swap offers on the 20 section and the 55G sections.

Contact Dennis Terry W4SG at w4sg[at]outlook.com

Yaesu FT950 transceiver with boxes, manual, power cable, hand mic, USB cable from RT Systems to update firmware and kit to add panadapter – $875, SP767 speaker – $125, Kenwood PS50 linear power supply – $85.  This radio is a 2012 model with the latest DSP version.

Contact Kenneth Parks AK4EP at kparks[at]atlanticbb.net or at 803-593-5673

Complete ham station , radios , power supply , 75′ tilt
over tower , antennas , etc. $2,800.00 Will NOT peice out. Station can be viewed on Qrz.com

001 Kenneth Parks Ham StationKenwood TS-2000 with MC-60 mic , Ameritron ALS-600 , LDG AT-600Pro Autotuner

002 Kenneth Parks Ham Station75′ Tilt Over Tower, 10 Element Bencher Sky Hawk HF Beam 20, 15, 10 Meters, Jetstream JTB1-2m/70cm Vertical, K4UUG built OCF 135′ Dipole at 60′  75/80m-6m.


Contact Jerry Miller WA4NHJ at gmcmgm[at]comcast.net

Antenna Mast
Three section, 40 foot crank up mast with winches and cable.  Looks good. Haven’t put it up on ground. Under cover. $200 or will trade.

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