At the end of this year, the ARCCC, Inc. will be presenting two annual awards to our most deserving club members.

The Thomas Kohli Ham of the Year Award is presented to honor the legacy of Thomas (Tom) Dewing Kohli (WA4TE), who was a Life Member of the Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc. Tom became a silent key on December 6, 2017. Over Tom’s tenure of being a licensed amateur radio operator, he collected a tremendous amount of amateur radio gear, which his wife and estate chose to donate to the ARCCC, Inc. to continue the specific purpose of preserving, promoting, proliferating, and educating on Amateur Radio, as well as to assist government and non-government agencies during emergencies. For this the members of the ARCCC, Inc. are forever grateful and voted to honor Tom by awarding the Thomas Kohli Ham of the Year Award to a deserving ARCCC, Inc. member each year.

In 2020, we introduced the new Rookie of the Year Award, to honor a recently licensed Amateur Radio operator who exemplifies the clubs mission:  to preserve, promote, proliferate, and educate on Amateur Radio. The Rookie of the Year would have attributes and achievements similar to the Ham of the Year nominees, but this award is specifically for a member who has been licensed for 3 years or less as of November 1st, 2021.We need your help with nominations for these award so we can properly honor our most deserving club members! Nominations close on November 1st!

The members receiving these awards will be selected from among nominations submitted by club members. The Board of Directors will review all nominations and hold a vote in November to select winners for the awards. If the ARCCC, Inc. holds a holiday party in December, it will include a ceremony to present the awards.

The minimum eligibility requirements for the “Thomas Kohli Ham of the Year” and “Rookie of the Year” Awards are:

  • Licensed Amateur Radio Operator
  • ARCCC, Inc. member in good standing
  • For the Rookie of the Year Award only – licensed operator for 3 years or less as of November 1st, 2020

Some of the qualifications the ARCCC, Inc. BoD would consider to determine to winner include:

  • Active involvement in area ham radio activities
  • Donation of significant effort or resources to ARCCC, Inc.
  • Visible good example and “ambassador” for Amateur Radio in the community
  • Elmer to new hams
  • Individual preparedness (examples: emergency training, upgraded license, etc.)
  • Regular participant in club meetings and events
  • Net participation or Net Control Operator
  • Volunteer Examiner and/or Instructor

While nominees must meet the minimum eligibility requirements, they do not have to meet all of the above qualifications, and nominations may also include other relevant accomplishments not listed above. Because the Board of Directors will be selecting the winner, current Board members are not eligible for this award.

To nominate a club member for either of these awards, please send an email to the ARCCC, Inc. Board of Directors ( with the name of the member you would like to nominate, along with an explanation of why you feel they should receive the award.

Please include some details about their accomplishments and how they exemplify the ARCCC, Inc.’s mission to preserve, promote, proliferate, and educate on Amateur Radio. Please include as much detail as possible with your nomination to help us select the most deserving candidate.

Nominations for the award will close on November 1st, so please prepare and email your nominations before then.