The Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc. sponsors VE Testing on the second Saturday of Odd Months.

The testing sessions begin at 9 AM local time.  Columbia County EOC. 650-B Ronald Reagan Dr. Evans, GA. 30809

Suggestions for examination locations are welcome but prior to completing the Examination Location Suggestion Form below, please be certain your suggestion include the following:

  1. Facility should be available on the Second Saturday of Odd Months from 9 AM until Noon.
  2. Facility should be able to provide seating and tabletop for preferably 20 examinees and 10-15 Volunteer Examiners.
  3. Facility should have plenty of parking to accommodate the numbers listed above.
  4. Facility should be easily accessible and able to be located by those attending.
  5. Facility should have a single level entry/handicapped accessible.
  6. Facility should be climate controlled and comfortable upon arrival.
  7. Facility should be free of most distractions.
  8. Facility should preferably be located in Columbia County, GA.

If you would like to share an examination location, please complete the Form Here.


What to bring to the Test Session:
Quick List (details are below):
1. Pen and Pencil
2. Government Issued Photo ID
4. Federal Registration Number  (FRN)
5. Copy of Current “OFFICIAL” License  Printed Out to Submit if upgrading current license
6. Arrive 10 Minutes Early

1. All applicants should bring a pencil, pen or both.

2. All applicants must present a government issued photo identification.  If an applicant is already licensed, he/she must bring a copy of his/her current license to be included in paperwork sent to ARRL/VEC.

3. The fee for testing is $15.00 cash or check made out to ARCCC, Inc.

4.  It is recommended that all applicants use their FRN.  If you do not have an FRN from another license issued by the FCC, you may register for and receive an FRN prior to taking the exam it is required to fill out the 605 form for testing.  You may register for an FRN here: FCC Registration

5. Copy of current license or a printed out “Official Copy” (not a Reference Copy) of your license to submit with your test if you are upgrading.  You may log into the FCC ULS here to print out an Official Copy of your license to submit with your test.  Reference Copies are not accepted.

6. Applicants should arrive at the testing location approximately 10 minutes early.

An applicant may use a simple calculator (one that cannot store data (ie. formulas).  Scratch paper is provided.

Please use the form below to notify the examination team of your plans to attend the upcoming examination.