The Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc. maintains a 6-Meter Beacon on 50.063 MHz.  Below are the specifications on the beacon so you may better determine propagation.

Located at:  3705 Fairington Drive, Hephzibah, GA  30815

Grid Square:  EM83

Radio:  RCI-5054DX

Frequency: 50.063 MHz

Keyer:  Unified Microsystems XT-4B Beacon Keyer


Power Supply:  Astron 20

Power Out:  20 Watts

Cable Type:  RG-8

Cable Length:  25′

Antenna Make/Model:  Unknown

Antenna Gain:  Unknown

Antenna Height:  20′

Ground Elevation:  481′

3705 Fairington Drive GE from 1183'