Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc. members in good standing may pay for their annual membership by choosing one of the options below and submitting their payment via PayPal.

ARCCC, Inc. Annual Dues are $24.  To use the Paypal method below a 2.9% charge on is assessed by Paypal as well as a $0.30 transaction fee per transaction.

Note:  Any membership dues paid with a donation will not require the member to pay the 2.9% and the transaction fee.

Below are the options available:
Annual Full Membership = $24 + $0.98 Conv. Fee = $24.98 Charged
Annual Full Membership = $24.98 + $40.02 Donation = $65 Charged
Annual Full Membership = $24.98 + $75.02 Donation = $100 Charged

Family Memberships

A family is comprised of at least 2 members, no more than 2 adults, and any of their children residing in the same home. A family will be afforded the special membership rate of 50% of the full member rate times the number of licensed family members. The current full member rate is $24, so the rate for each member in a family membership is currently $12.

2 family members = 2 x $12 = $24.98  (use the Annual Full Membership option above to pay dues for 2 family members)
3 family members = 3 x $12 = $36.98
4 family members = 4 x $12 = $48.98