The NIMS Training Program defines the national NIMS training program. It specifies National Integration Center and stakeholder responsibilities and activities for developing, maintaining and sustaining NIMS training. The NIMS Training Program outlines responsibilities and activities that are consistent with the National Training Program, as mandated by the Post-Katrina Emergency Management Reform Act of 2006.

Becoming NIMS Compliant is a great advantage to amateur radio operations especially those who are interested in participating in an Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) capacity.

To become NIMS Compliant, simply click the link below and choose one of each of the numbered NIMS courses to complete.  For instance, pick the IS-100 course that best fits your knowledge/discipline.  Once you successfully complete the course you will be emailed a certificate.  It is recommended you download the certificate for your records as many agencies/disciplines request the certificates be on file with their training division.