We encourage all Amateur Radio operators to apply for membership to the Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc.  The ARCCC, Inc. uses Ham Club Online to maintain memberships including applications for membership.

Please follow the steps below to submit an Application for Membership to the ARCCC, Inc.

  1. To apply please visit https://www.hamclubonline.com/ and create an account.
  2.  Click on “Apply for Membership with a HamClubOnline Club.
  3. Enter the ARCCC, Inc. Club Call Sign of K4KNS.  The Amateur Radio Club of Columbia County, Inc. should populate.
  4. Read through the documentation and click on “Submit Application to Club.”
  5. Those applying for membership to the ARCCC, Inc. will need to be at the next General Meeting to be approved for membership.

Those interested in receiving notifications regarding the ARCCC, Inc. are invited to join the ARCCC, Inc. via Groups.io.  Simply create an account with Groups.io and search for ARCCCINC.  Once you have applied and been approved to join the ARCCC, Inc. via Groups.io, you will automatically be subscribed to the ARCCC, Inc. Announcements subgroup.