Below are a list of items we are working toward receiving to further the hobby of Amateur Radio.  If you are interested in donating or sponsoring such items please contact us at (contact info goes here).

  1. ID Cards for Members
  2. Collared Embroidered Shirts with club logo, name and call sign of member (Outreach/Presentations/Public)
  3. T-Shirts for Members (Club Work)
  4. Batteries for all repeaters (Batteries purchased but donation of $60 per site requested)
    1. 2 Batteries needed for Doctors Hospital Site
    2. 2 Batteries needed for Harlem Repeater Site
  5. ID Badge Machine and Materials
  6. Portable Projector and Screen for Meetings, Workshops and Training
  7. Laptop for use with Projector and Screen for Meetings, Workshops and Training
  8. Laptop and small Printer for VE Team
  9. DB-224E Antenna for 145.410 Repeater
  10. Facility/Club Hamshack to host meetings, workshops and to provide members a place to use radios/amateur gear and get on the air
  11. Repeater Controllers and monitoring equipment
  12. Climate Controlled, Secure Storage Facility for Equipment used during Events
  13. 12′ x 14′ Building for Repeater with air conditioning
  14. Enclosed Trailer for Equipment for rapid deployment to emergencies/disasters/field day
  15. 10 Weller – WTCPT Solder Station, 600F to 800F for use in training workshops
  16. Mesh Network equipment and supplies
  17. Radios, antennas, cable and other various equipment for Field Day and emergency deployments
  18. Club Banner, smaller for interior, small room setups